Business card holders

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a businessman without such a necessary accessory as a business card holder. Due to the constantly increasing number of business contacts and consequently business, discount and credit cards as well, Business card holders are just indispensable in everyday business rhythm.

Business card holder is convenient, practical and reliable item for business cards storage. In addition to functional benefits, Business card holder is one of the accessories which emphasize taste and status of its owner.

LEO Business card holders are elegant fashionable accessories for glamorous ladies. Sweet romantic colours and prints bring festive mood during all over the time. In addition Business card holders are decorated with foil and an elastic band for comfortable usage.

Key features of LEO Business card holders:

  • Made of jucy colored primary plastic (polypropylene);

  • For 120 cards;

  • With decorative elastic band;

  • Have tinted pages



Interesting fact

The first cards appeared in ancient China. They were made of special red colour papert and were available only for well-off officials. In XVI-XVII centuries business cards became widespread in Italy. In Russia business cards became popular during the kingship of Catherine II. At that time business cards were of filigree work, had intricate patterns and rich decoration. The image on business cards usually displayed occupation of its owner. They were significantly upgraded in the XIX century. The balance was tilted in a favor of informative content from the design. Besides of the name the business cards included a lot of additional information about the owner. Also there was a special arrangement of the key data on the card. But at the beginning of 20th century the trend to decorate business cards was revived. Since then designers and even artists have been working hard on the unique designs of business cards which have become an additional marketing tool of an individual or entire company.