LEO correctors are suitable for any type of corrective work.

A correction pen allows quickly and accurately correct over as a single letter as an entire line with a minimum consumption of the correction fluid, in addition a correction pen is very comfortable to keep in hands. Ballpoint mechanism helps neatly lay the correction line on the smallest areas.

A correction tape accurately and neatly corrects an entire line at once with a smooth homogeneous line. For better application a correction tape is recommended to keep at the angle of 60 degrees to the surface to.

LEO correctors are water-based with the specific oil (so called "emulsion"), which combines the best qualities of alcohol and water-based correctors. Thanks to this technology LEO correctors have the following features:

  • Homogeneous consistency

  • High degree of whiteness

  • Long service and shelf life (up to 2 years)

  • Even, smooth, efficient application

  • High covering ability

  • Without strong odor

  • Temperature resistance (down to -13º C)

  • Flexibility - suitable for all paper types

It is available:

  • Correction pen with a metal tip: 8, 10, 12 ml;

  • Correction tape: 5mm*7m;

  • Corrector 2 in 1: pen with a metal tip + brush, 20 ml.


Interesting fact

The gluing substances had been known to humanity since Neolithic times. Originally the glue was made by boiling bones and tendons of killed animals. Also, the boiled fish scales were used to make glue. Later the resiniferous plants were added.