Effortless series

Experience the "unbearable lightness of being" with Effortless office accessories series. Due to special system of levers applied this series can save up to 60% energy spent while using. Romantic lilac with a nacreous lacquer coating create an easy and relaxed atmosphere on your office desk.

Effortless staplers:

  • Staplering capacity: 20 sheets

  • Staples 24/6

  • Body made of impact-resistant ABS plastic

  • Working mechanisms of hardened solid steel

  • Rubber grip on the sole for slipping prevention

  • Swivel mechanism on the sole that allows with one click to change the way of stapling from closed to open and back (staples bent inside (closed) or outside (open))

  • Improved staples feeder with guide rail

Effortless punches:

  • Capacity of punching: up to 25 sheets

  • Arm of force: from 1:7 (The ratio of ongoing efforts to penetration power: the higher the value, the easier it is to punch sheets taking little effort)

  • Carbon-steel rod-knives

  • Convenient waste paper tank

  • Non-slip plastic sole, which does not leave scratches on the table surface

  • Lock, which firmly hold the punch in closed position

  • Extendable restrictive line with accurate paper size scale


Interesting fact!

The first known stapler was made in the XVIII century in France for King Louis XV. This model was handcrafted and each staple (which was the prototype of the modern staple) was marked with official insignia of the royal court.