LEO glue is perfectly suitable for paper, cardboard, photos and fabric. It is indispensible for art and craft. PVP basis ensures accurate gluing without traces and deformation.

The key advantages of LEO glue:

  • based on polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)

  • contains no solvents

  • dries quickly

  • does not stick to hands or soil your clothes

  • odorless

  • frost-resistant (up to -20º C)

  • contains glycerin

  • Leaves a smooth, uniform trace

  • Does not deform paper

  • Shelf life - 3 years

It is available:

  • glue stick, 8 g

  • glue stick, 15g

  • glue stick, 21g

  • glue stick, 36g

  • glue tape: 5mm*6m, 8mm*10m

Glue tape is an innovative tool. This is a new spin in the stationery world. LEO glue tape is a double-sided adhesive tape in a plastic applicator with a roller. This mechanism allows you to apply glue on the bonding surfaces easily which leave a neat, smooth line with high adhesive capacity. The line keeps its stickiness ability for a few minutes allowing to stick large objects or objects with a complex contour slowly without a hush.

Th glue tape of TM LEO is suitable for paper, cardboard, photos, decorative elements and handcrafts gluing. The ergonomic shape provides with an extremely precise application and ease usage. While using this glue you do not need a brush or palette-knife.

Leave behind glue spots! A glue tape does not drop or spoil working surfaces and hands. Furthermore this glue does not damage material while gluing, does not change its color or structure, and yet ensures firmly gluing of the elements together.

Water-based LEO glue tape is solvent-free and almost odorless. Perfect for both office and home usage as well as for children's craft works.