Interesting facts:

The marker was invented in the 60s of the twentieth century and quickly gained the worldwide popularity. It is used in various spheres to write on variety of surfaces. There are office highlighters, industrial highlighters, textile highlighters and also all sorts of specialized highlighters.

TM LEO presents:

  • text highlighters

  • permanent markers

  • markers for CD and DVD disks

  • board markers

Text highlighters are used for text accentuation on all kinds of paper. For production of these highlighters the bright fluorescent translucent water-based inks are used. Highlighter traces are not transmitted by faxing and copying, it is resistant to fading. The ink does not seep through the sheet. Highlighters have the chisel tip with 4-6 mm thickness of the line.

Permanent markers are of multipurpose and created for writing on virtually all surfaces (paper, rubber, plastic, metal, leather, etc.) and are widely used in various spheres from design to construction and textile industries. There are 4 the most popular colors (black, blue, red and green) in the assortment. These markers have the bullet-shape tip with a diameter 1.2-4mm. There are also fineliners (thin highlighters) with a tip diameter 0.4-0.5mm, which are convenient to use for inscriptions on discs and small elements. Alcohol-based ink, non-toxic, dries quickly and does not flow.

Markers for CD and DVD disks are used for writing on specific surfaces such as CD and DVD disks, various plastics, glass and film. The water-based ink does not damage the disc surface. Markers are double-sided, with different tips diameter – 0.5mm (fineliner) and 1mm.

Board markers are suitable for writing on all types of dry-wiped surfaces. They dry quickly. If necessary, the highlighter’s trace could be easily erased. The barrel has an ergonomic triangular shape. The thickness of the line is 3-4mm.

Distinctive features of LEO highlighters:

- The optimal tip length – 4mm

- Rigid refill does not lose its shape during the long term usage

- The coloring substance does not have any strong smell, light-resistant and non-toxic

- The smooth line of writing

- Ergonomic impact-resistant barrel made from the primary materials

- Colorful branded packaging (for trade and storage)