Mechanical pencils

LEO mechanical pencils have obvious advantages, namely:

- The thin strong graphite rod does not require sharpening, but provides a uniform stroke width;

- Reliable collet clamp firmly fixes the lead;

- handy push-button mechanism;

- availability of models with built-in eraser;

- availability of models with built-in sharpener;

- complementation with refillable leads;

- barrel made of impact-resistant plastic or metal;

- stylish matte coating of the barrel.

Thus, specially selected materials with high-precision processing ensure the excellent quality of LEO pencils.

Apart from the excellent quality the LEO pencils distinguished by the brand fashion-orientation. All pencil sets are created in the unique design and complement the thematic stationery collections. For those, who appreciate nature, the eco-design was elaborated: natural cedar wood without coating and the package made of recycled materials. For adherents of extraordinary solutions there are models made of black wood.

In ТМ LEO assortment you can easily select the pencil which meets your requirements and satisfies your taste.