Metal office accessories

These "little things" make your day brighter!

Small essential office assistants - clips, pins, binders – with all kinds of colors and shapes bring a positive atmosphere in the daily routine.

  • Made of high quality German steel and juicy colors primary plastic;

  • keep their shape perfectly, could not be easy broken;

  • Not oxidized and does not leave traces on paper thanks to a special covering;

  • Firmly grip the sheets of paper fastened;

  • A wide range of colors, shapes and sizes;

  • Original packaging with the header.


The story of one paper clip

Unpretentious design of a paper clip was invented by the Norwegian Johan Vaaler who patented his invention in 1901. Because of simplicity and convenience the paper clip gained popularity blazing-fast. After its introduction the design of paper clips was changed for many times, but the most popular stays the classic form of a double oval clip.

In honour of the ingenious compatriot the Norwegians erected a monument of a giant five-meter Paper clip in one of the squares of Oslo. But their record was beaten by Ural clip in Miass, which height was 9.28 m. An entry about that was made in the Guinness Book of World Records.