LEO notebooks collection harmoniously coincides with the fashion collections of plastic products. Accomplished with the sole idea conception the notebooks and plastic products create wonderful composition on the desktop.

There are two types of LEO notebooks:

- Hardcover cardboard notebooks

- Plastic cover notebooks

Also available:

  • stitched hard cover notebooks;

  • spiral notebooks.

TM LEO offers the following sizes of notebooks:

- А4-

- А5

- А5-

- А6

The key features of LEO notebooks:

- hard cardboard or plastic cover;

- snow-white paper of the highest quality (97% whiteness );

- quality of printing on plastic is 600 dpi;

- metal spiral of different colors;

- foil stamping on white transparent plastic;

- plastic dividers;

- bookmark lace for easy usage of the notebook;

- strong stitching with synthetic thread ensures a long service life of notebook;

- Elegant "square in the frame” ruling inside.


Interesting fact

Spiral notebook was invented and patented by Mark Twain the writer in 1872. Imaginative nature of writers and journalists, who tore sheets out the stitched notebooks under the outburst of righteous anger and that spoiled visual appearance of notebooks, became a reason.

In contrast with stitched notebooks, a spiral notebook is easily turned inside out, which is very convenient for journalists. In addition the sheets are easily torn out and the notebook itself is not damaged.