In the TM LEO assortment the black lead and mechanical pencils are presented.


Exactly the cedar wood is used for production of the TM LEO black lead pencils. This kind of wood is considered as the most suitable one for pencil manufacturing due to its optimum hardness.

The high quality of used wood ensures the smooth sharpening of pencils.


The lead of black lead pencils is a mixture of graphite and kaolin (argil) in different proportions, which determine the hardness of the pencil. The qualitative graphite lead of ТМ «LEO» pencils draws continuous black line, does not crumble or scratch paper. The rod is located exactly in the center of pencil body providing accurate sharpening.


The higher amount of kaolin in the leads is, the higher hardness of pencils we have and vice versa. The lead of the most demanded black lead pencil with HB hardness consists of 2/3 graphite and 1/3 kaolin. ТМ «LEO» pencils have 14 hardness degrees: from 6H to 6B.


ТМ «LEO» pencils are maximal shockproof due to the advanced technology of the lead processing. The pencil body is glued along the entire length with special substance, which fixes the lead firmly and has a shock absorbing effect in case of pencil falling.

Opacity and color saturation

The more accurately performed the graphite fragmentation is, the stickier the lead particles are and the higher the percentage of graphite is, thereby it increases the lead opacity and color saturation.