An interesting fact:

Ballpoint pens are one of the most popular products in the world,

at least 125 pieces are sold out every second.

Ballpoint pens are used by 92% of earthlings. And only 8% are able to dispense with them.

Practicality and reliability, convenience and easiness, style and elegance… This is what distinguishes the TM LEO pens from the other writing tools submitted at the market.

The gorgeous design and trendy colors of pens emphasize individuality of their owners. LEO focuses on brightness and juicy paints. Collection names speak for themselves: "Candy", "Samba", "Spring", "Bloom", "Holiday", "Oxy"… An unexpected color combination and creative implementation of every model bring the inexhaustible fiesta mood.

Swiss needle made from tungsten carbide provides us with clear and easy writing. The usage of the low viscosity ink saves energy while writing by reducing the pressing force. A convenient grip-zone prevents tiredness of hand, providing comfort while writing. Barrels made from high-impact plastic or metal give strength and reliability to every pen.

The LEO pen-stylus deserves a special attention thanks to combination of writing and working on touch screens. A very convenient solution: a pen tip serves as a stylus and suitable for all kinds of electronic equipment with «touch screen» displays (multiple and resistive), including iPhones and iPads.

A perfect solution for writing, navigation sketches and games!

  • Protects the screen from finger-prints and scratches

  • Provides higher precision in inputting of letters and numbers even on small screens

  • Can be used for inputting, writing (e-mails & SMS), painting etc.

  • Allows to work on touch screens conveniently at low temperatures in gloves


Another interesting solution is the pens with velvet rubberized barrels in combination with perfectly comfortable grips. Velvety barrels ensure tactile sensations not only in writing, but in a simple touch by hand.

In the assortment there are pens in the branded packagies (display-boxes, tubes, gift cases) and also pens sold by pieces.

The optimum combination of trendy designs, English quality and maximum convenience provides pens with the top positions in the customers’ choice.