Interesting facts

Photograph paper was invented about 200 years ago by Frenchman Joseph Niepce. In 1826 he took his first photo “View from the Window at Le Gras”. In the middle of the ХІХ century the photograph paper was invented based on aluminum but it was not durable. In 1879 photo paper was improved by adding some silver bromide. Since then namely that kind of photograph paper has been manufactured on an industrial scale.

Advantages of the LEO photographic paper:

  • A wide range of thickness — 130, 150, 180, 210, 230, 260 GSM;

  • A4 and A6 (10x15 cm) sizes;

  • Glossy (Super Glossy) and matte photo paper are both available;

  • HD printing - 5760 dpi (it is 2 times higher than any other mid-price segment paper)

  • Special covering that allows to achieve perfect results with all types of printers;

  • Quick drying ink;

  • High quality glossy surface;

  • Perfectly fits to both home photo-printing and professional usage;

  • Long shelf life of pictures without fading (up to 20 years).