Scissors and knives

Advantages of LEO scissors:

  • In LEO scissors line represents all major scissors sizes from 12.5 cm to 25.5 cm;

  • Blades made of high-quality stainless carbon steel, which makes our scissors durable and reliable;

  • double resurfacing and laser blade sharpening;

  • convenient ergonomic shape of handles with special rubber inserts;

  • rounded blade edges for safe work

  • special blade inclination angle for effective contact of the blades with the working surface

  • asymmetric ergonomically shaped rings which closely follows anatomic bending of palm and fingers

  • Minimum parts connection clearances. (Permissible variation of 0.1 mm);

  • Packaging – half-blister with eurohole.

LEO stationery knif – this is:

  • Light weight and optimal size;

  • Impact-resistant plastic body;

  • Multi-part alloy steel optimum size blade (9 mm and 18 mm);

  • Metal rails which make knife structure more durable, prevent blade damage extend it's life;

  • Ergonomically shaped handle;

  • Rubber body inserts for slipping prevention;

  • Even, smooth cutting line;

  • Easy sliding on processed surface;

  • Set of spare blades;

  • Individual packaging.