Ufo series

High-tech UFO series office tools are designed to become a reliable assistant in everyday office work. Made in hi-tech style, they make routine work easier and more pleasant. Bodies of UFO staplers and punches are made of shatter-proof durable plastic, and working mechanisms - of carbon-hardened steel.

UFO staplers:

  • Staplering capacity: from 10 to 20 sheets

  • Staples 10/5, 24/6, 26/6

  • A window for staples presence check

  • Rubber grip on the sole for slipping prevention

  • Full metal body with plastic parts

  • Improved staples feeder with guide rail

UFO punches:

  • Capacity of punching: from 6 to 25 sheets

  • Arm of force: from 1:6 (The ratio of ongoing efforts to penetration power: the higher the value, the easier is to punch sheets taking little effort)

  • Convenient waste paper tank

  • Non-slip plastic sole, which does not leave scratches on the table surface

  • Lock, which firmly hold the punch in closed position

  • Extendable restrictive line with accurate paper size scale

Little tricks

Good to know! If you do not have a heavy-duty stapler, but you need to stitch a large number of sheets (25 or more), take one of LEO staplers, designed for 24/6 bracket with a spring mechanism, and feed the LEO staple 24/8.By doing this simple operation you are guaranteed to be able to punch up to 50 sheets by stapler, which staplering capacity is 18-20 sheets!*

*Please note that this manipulation is recommended only with LEO staplers and staples. We do not guarantee that other staplers brands will work with 24/8 staples.